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The story

« I know my stuff when it comes to restaurants. I love hunting down a good address. Places with a certain level of professionalism, sustainability, quality and culinary diversity. I'm the Director of travels in a famous company. That means I have to know the absolute essentials in each of our destinations.

On this particular evening, we arrived at Le Foundouk totally by chance. It was full. So we headed towards the bar for a cocktail.
We'd have to have dinner there the next day. We certainly got a promising taster: let's start with the ambience...

As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, the magic kicked in: the place is heaving, surrounded by bright stalls with bric-à-brac piled up all over the place... one of those effervescent moods that puts you in mind of a souk, yet still retains a sense of particularity unique to this popular neighbourhood, something timeless and unchangeable.
A glance around to get to know the place, the white silhouette of the barman already upon us.

Inside, elegance and sobriety, traditional maalam style with a contemporary twist. This space allows friends to get together for a great time or lovers to whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears.

But it remained to be seen whether or not the food would be as fabulous as the décor.

The next day at noon, we chose a table out on the terrace under crystal clear skies.
The couscous arrived; I held my breath, a crucial moment. This dish was the proof of some serious know-how. Was I worthy of a perfectly cooked, lightly coloured semolina dish? From the very first spoonful, I melted completely: an assertive tone of spices and wonderfully smooth semolina. Chef Amine is certainly discreet, but his all-round sense of bonhomie is expressed in this dish. My sidekick chose a chicken tagine with lemon. The delighted look on his face spoke louder than any words could. As for dessert, without hesitation we both opted for the caramelised millefeuille whose gently orchestrated aesthetics could compete with those of big-league confectioners. You don't turn down the pistachio crème brûlée for nothing!

Conquered, seduced, convinced by this alliance of seriousness and magic, we decided we'd organise the next press team outing here... I was also delighted that I now had a great place to suggest to my future brother-in-law for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Much later on, I met Fred who told me the beautiful story of the two business partners who run this restaurant. They fell in love with this historic building which once housed a reputed dressmaking workshop. One was a designer, the other a manager specialising in catering. Opening this restaurant in the depths of the medina was a significant challenge. The bet paid off. The location was and remains the right place to be.
You need to try out this restaurant. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Best, Alex. »
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