The Tanneurs district, an emblematic place in Marrakech

The history of the district

The creation of the tanneries of Marrakech coincides with that of the city, it goes back to the XVIIth century.

The manufacturing processes have not changed much since then, and will surprise you in many ways.

There is the smell, of course, whose reputation is well established, but also an ancestral know-how that calls upon a clever natural chemistry, and the use of ingredients that are, to say the least, unexpected.


An ancestral know-how

The skins are first depilated with lime to remove all traces of hair.

They then macerate for a long time in large terracotta vats - or in concrete for the most recent ones. These open-air vats are filled with water, pigeon droppings and salt.

This shock treatment gives the skins suppleness, resistance and, above all, rot-proofing.

The skins are then cleaned with wheat bran and dyed. This stage is still done in a very traditional way.

The tanners use poppy to dye the skins red, henna for orange, indigo or cobalt stone for blue, etc.

Once dyed, the drying process can begin. The skins are spread out on large flat stones in the sun, then beaten to soften them, washed again and scraped to remove the last remaining waste and make them perfectly smooth.


Off to the souks

The leather obtained is finally sent to the souks to be transformed by the craftsmen into babouches, belts, poufs and many other leather articles.

This leatherworking know-how is world-famous, as leather goods take their name from our country, Morocco.

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