A true immersion where combine the perfumes of spices, the motives and the Moroccan know-how.

How about a timeless trip to the souks of Marrakech?

The souks of the medina of Marrakech are a veritable labyrinth of motifs and flavours. It is a bit like entering Ali Baba's cave in the open sky where each passage is a discovery for the senses. Just before, treat yourself to a freshly squeezed orange juice that you will find in the central square.

The adventure begins.

This place of rejoicing gives you the possibility to find pastries, spices, fruits and vegetables but also handmade souvenirs that you will keep preciously as the trace of a suspended moment... The craftsmen perform before your amazed eyes and show you their know-how by chanting small humorous and exotic phrases such as: "exceptional offer, would you like to try my air-conditioned slippers! ».
Amine, with its multicolored spice shop will certainly propose you to test its white clay to apply on your face, enjoy it, your skin will be soft as silk.
Mohamed, the ironworker, with his communicative smile and his great ability, will realize your order without difficulty.

Flavours with patterns.

Many artisanal products are proposed to you: while passing by the markets of fabrics, the saddlers, the basketwork, the turners on wood, the jewellers, the leather goods, the ironworks, the chandeliers with geometrical motives, the wrought iron lamps, the pigments but also the spices which surround the small streets, transporting you in a timeless and immutable universe. Inscribed on UNESCO's heritage list, this jewel of humanity is waiting for you.

Walk through the door of our restaurant.

And finally, after this extraordinary journey, our chef will give you the same flavours on your plate: oregano, cumin, chilli, saffron, orange blossom and more.

Discover our menu and bon appétit.