A cult place to discover in Marrakech


A place steeped in history

Near the Restaurant Le Foundouk, the Médersa Ben Youssef is a jewel of Moroccan architecture. Its name is taken from the medersas, Islamic religious schools, and from Ali ben Youssef, an Almoravid sultan.

Located north of the Medina of Marrakech, this North African Koranic school has been open since 1960 to visitors curious to discover the history of theology students.

Just renovated in 2020, the Médersa Ben Youssef has crossed different Moroccan dynasties. In the past, it could accommodate up to 900 students, fed and housed, and reserved 132 rooms with monastic sobriety for students not originally from Marrakech. The contrast between these rooms and the rest of this school remains surprising.

A sumptuous decor

Through its decoration, the Médersa Ben Youssef pays homage to God with its courtyard and prayer room built of cedar, marble and carved stucco. Its many Moroccan mosaics celebrate the beauty and order of the world according to the Koran.

Since 1982, in the summer season the rectangular basin in the center of the courtyard is filled with water to refresh its visitors.

Access to the public

Here is some practical information to prepare your visit to the Médersa Ben Youssef :
Address: Ben Youssef Square, Marrakech 40 000 Morocco
Schedules: 09:00 - 17:00, daily
Duration: Less than one hour
Entrance fee: 10 Dirhams or 1 euro

This masterpiece of oriental architecture is a must during your stay in Marrakech. To discover before or after enjoying the local and traditional cuisine of our Restaurant Le Foundouk.