A privileged place to discover during your stay? The Marrakech’s Palm Grove!

Located a few kilometers north of the medina and our Restaurant Le Foundouk, the Marrakech’s Palm Grove is an oasis with hundreds of palm trees. More than 100,000 palm trees have been planted on a 13,000-hectare site.

A little history...

Through its economic and tourist influence, the Marrakech’s Palm Grove has marked the history of Morocco. It was in the 11th century, under the Almoravid dynasty, that Youssef Ben Tachfine, sovereign sultan of Morocco, founded this vast oasis at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in order to exploit local groundwater to protect himself from the heat. The Marrakech’s Palm Grove uses a network of old underground pipes to irrigate its hectares of palm trees and crops.

It is with its many crops and production of dates, palm oil, palm wine, palm hearts or wood that the Palm grove shines economically. People then took ownership of the site to develop an ancillary economy linked to tourism, combining natural heritage and modern urban planning. This is how many hotel complexes have been created making the Marrakech’s Palm Grove a luxurious and very popular tourist destination!

A privileged place between nature and modernity

There is nothing like a camel ride to visit the Marrakech’s Palm Grove and admire its thousands of palm trees and numerous crops. You can also opt for a quad ride.

It is also the ideal place for athletes! Golf lovers can visit one of the most beautiful golf courses in Marrakech covering more than 120 hectares, including 11 lakes. An opportunity not to be missed to play golf with a panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains!

Ideal to recharge your batteries far from the hustle and bustle of the medina, this privileged place will not leave you indifferent...