Where should one drink a good cocktail in Marrakesh?

In the souks of Marrakesh, the Foundouk cocktail bar is open every day from 7pm to midnight (closed on Wednesdays), a relaxing and trendy spot in the Medina.

A lovely rooftop bar in the Medina

With its charming terrace above the Medina of Marrakesh, you will enjoy drinking your cocktail in the Foundouk with a stunning view on the illuminated town.

Foundouk's menu includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, but also a wide range of spirits (whiskey, tequilas, rums, cognac and armagnac), wines and champagnes of quality. Sit back with a glass of wine and savour a tasty wine from the vineyards of Essaouira. Located in the South of the country, this is the smallest Moroccan winery, but whose exceptional production, based on grapes from the Rhone Valley, may be found on the most famous tables in Morocco.

Chill out with a local beer, Casablanca, a 100% Moroccan holiday flavors, with a refined taste. So refreshing!

Mojito, Margarita, Tequila sunrise, Negroni .... If you are in the mood for an afterwork with friends to enjoy good cocktails, this place is for you ! Traditional recipes or creations of the bartender, let yourself be guided by the advice of the waiters.

A perfect place to wind down after a busy week !

The Foundouk cocktail bar revisits mojitos Moroccan version, and prefers the Mahia, a Moroccan brandy, to the rum. The Mahia is a distilled brandy made from figs, produced by Moroccan Jews for centuries. It contributes to the reputation of Morocco on the other side of the Atlantic, as well as citrus and agricultural products.

Taste our Moroccan eau-de-vie and let you be tempted by The Marrakesh Sunrise, a mixture of Mahia, orange juice and grenadine. There’s nothing like a tasty Morroquito, another homemade Mahia-based cocktails, added with a delicious crushed lemon, fresh mint and sugar. Also refreshing, the Foundouk Express, is a subtle blend of Mahia, lemon juice and cane sugar. If you prefer the non-alcohol version, like The Foundouk, our cocktail made of apple juice, orange, lemon and carrot.

Based on the cocktails of the 20-30ies, cocktails with gin and cognac become trendy again. Let's taste The Anwal, made with Remy Martin, cocoa cream and crème fraîche, it is so delicious ! Or let's escape while sipping The Lake Ifni, so sweet with its flavors of gin, cointreau, curacao blue and a touch of lemon.

Homemade cocktails, local touch, fairy decoration and  fresh and well executed cocktails... you can be sure to have a wonderful experience when going out for cocktails in Marrakesh !

The Foundouk is a great spot to go for Marrakesh nightlife in the Medina!