Discover the sumptuous Bahia Palace only 2km from Restaurant Le Foundouk.

Located south-east of the Medina of Marrakech, the Bahia Palace was built on the orders of the Grand Vizier Ahmed Ben Moussa between 1860 and 1874 to house his 4 official wives, 24 concubines and their children.

An absolutely remarkable Moroccan masterpiece

Sumptuous for its Moroccan architecture and Islamic art, the Bahia Palace is one of the country's major cultural heritage monuments and one of the main tourist attractions in Morocco.

Spread over nearly eight hectares, the palace consists of about 150 pieces, each more beautiful than the next. They are all richly decorated with mashrabiyya, marble, sculptures and paintings on beech and cedar wood, stucco, zellige, the first stained glass windows of the Maghreb.

During your visit, also observe the many different patios and the green and refreshing Islamic gardens where lemon trees, orange trees, banana trees, pomegranates, cypresses, hibiscus and jasmines are planted.

A real labyrinth of parts

The Bahia Palace is a collection of houses and annexes joined together, without any pre-established order. Today, only one part of the palace is open to visitors; another part sometimes welcomes the royal family or foreign dignitaries.

The palace is also open to the public for music concerts on the gigantic 50 x 30 metre courtyard. Art exhibitions are also sometimes organized.

The rates:
  • 70 dirhams
The schedules:
  • Open every day from 9am to 5pm
Address :
Bahia Palace
Avenue Imam El Ghazali
Marrakech 40000