Take advantage of your stay at Les Cinq Djellabas hotel in Marrakech to discover typical Moroccan dishes. Head to the rooftop restaurant and bar in the heart of the Medina to enjoy unmissable Moroccan specialities in a magical setting.


What dishes to try


Couscous is one of the most famous Moroccan specialities in the world! Take advantage of your stay in Marrakech to try one of the variations of this famous dish. Indeed, each region and each family has its own recipe: there are therefore a large number of couscous recipes. The most famous is the Royal Couscous, with a variety of meats.

The restaurant Le Foundouk in Marrakech offers you to taste several types of couscous:
  • couscous with seven vegetables and chicken
  • couscous with seven vegetables and lamb
  • couscous with fish
  • vegetarian couscous 🌱


It is one of the most gourmet Moroccan dishes, rich in flavours and textures: the tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish not to be missed during your weekend or holiday in Marrakech!

Like couscous, several variations of tagine exist. The Foundouk restaurant suggests you discover :
  • fish tagine with charmoula
  • chicken tagine
  • tagine of leg of lamb
  • tagine of beef
  • vegetarian Berber tagine 🌱

The pastilla

A clever mix of sweet and savoury awaits you. Made of ouarkas sheets (similar to bricks sheets), this Moroccan dessert can be filled with different ingredients. Le Foundouk in Marrakech offers you to discover two of the most famous pastillas:
  • pastilla with chicken and almonds
  • pastilla with seafood and fish

Mint tea

Taste the most famous drink in Morocco! A symbol of conviviality and sharing, mint tea is a must. Enjoy the aroma and the inimitable taste of the infusion with a Moroccan dessert: a delight!

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