Morocco is undoubtedly part of the top gastronomic destinations, with a culinary heritage of exceptional richness. The Foundouk restaurant offers a friendly and rich in flavors cuisine of the Maghreb. A cuisine that owes its taste to spices that soften the dishes and bring them flavors and colors.

Their mere evocation is an invitation to travel : coriander, ginger, cumin, paprika, nigella seeds, cloves or even saffron to name a few .... With its touches of spices, herbs and water of flowers, Moroccan cuisine is transformed into a true journey of flavors.

History and customs of Morocco

The variety of dishes of Moroccan cuisine is a reflection of the history of the country and the different populations who settled there and gave birth to an extremely rich cuisine, with 3 main culinary influences Arabic, Turkish and Andalusian.

In hot countries, heat reduce appetite. So spices in cuisine help digestion and give more pleasure to meals. But not only, a large number of spices were once used in medicine. Their aroma stimulates taste and smell. They also bring color to the dishes! Or the pleasure of the eyes can also stimulate the salivary glands and therefore better digest. Subtle and captivating, their flavors take us away and make us travel to the other side of the world.

Combine food and spices is an art

If the Moroccan cuisine is simple, its variants are endless because the ancestral know-how of spices are transmitted here from mother to daughter. Here, no cookbooks and no precise dosing. Everyone imagines his recipes, his mixtures, to give the dishes a unique and personal touch. A couscous will never look like another. This is what makes it a rich and varied cuisine from region to region.

Spices into all dishes

Here are some entries of the Foundouk restaurant with many spices:

Sardines in wallets stuffed with chermoula, tomato zaalouk (tomato caviar) and mahrach crouton (barley bread)

Briouates with goat cheese and zaatar (oregano), black olives, tomato & cucumber salad with preserved lemon & coriander

Carpaccio of beetroot with garlic and cumin, jben (white cheese) with niora (mild red pepper)

Prepare your palate for a trip

Cumin is undoubtedly the most used oriental spice. It traditionally raises couscous, tajines, charmoula, za'alouk and merguez with its slightly aniseed flavor. This spice is also famous in Morocco for its benefits for stomach aches. Saffron is currently the most expensive spice in the world. Used for its particular taste as well as for coloring dishes, saffron is an important spice in Mediterranean cuisine.

By the way, do you know the meaning of the name of Ras el Hanout? This is the "head of the store" in Arabic, in reference to the flagship products of grocery stores. Product from Morocco, Ras el hanout is composed of at least 37 spices including cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, pepper, rosebuds, iris flower ... But there are many different recipes, each of which carefully keeps the secret. Very fragrant and soft, Ras el hanout brings a typical Moroccan taste in a bouillon of couscous and in tajines.

Bar & Restaurant in the souks of Marrakech since 2002, the Foundouk welcomes you every day from 7pm to midnight, closed on Wednesday. Located in the historic district, it offers you from its terrace a splendid panoramic view on the Medina of Marrakesh.