From 7th to 18th November, all eyes will turn toward Marrakesh: a historic agreement is about to come into force during the Climate Conference in Marrakesh.

Many celebrities should be present.

Leonardo Di Caprio
, who came already to the COP21 in Paris last December, is expected during the COP22 in Marrakech. Engaged for 20 years in  environmental causes, Leonardo explores the topic of climate change in his last Documentary Movie "Before the Flood".

Maradona, Akon and Bono (U2) are also expected. Arnold Schwarzenegger will participate in the "Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders" held November 14 in the Marrakesh Palais des Congrès.

Time for action

Marrakesh, which had already hosted the COP7 in 2001, will benefit from a good media coverage on the occasion of this first African Purple economy, hosting some 300 economic, political, cultural and media leaders, primarily coming form Africa, Europe and the Gulf.

The choice of Marrakesh is all the more justified as Marrakesh, the first tourist destination of the Kingdom, strives to be a model in energy efficiency, water preservation and urban greening. Morocco is already part of the four most environmentally friendly countries in the world.